Coffeechug Book Review: The Teaching Brain

Finally a book about education that places an emphasis on the importance of teachers in the equation of learning in school. This book explores the issues in education reform today and provides some answers to how we can improve our classrooms right now.

I found this book to be a really powerful read. It is not a long read(200 pages), but I did find the material at times a bit above my head. However, I took down many notes and really want to grapple with the issues discussed in the book.

What I found so interesting is how the author broke down all the different theories of learning from behaviorists, theories of mind, cognitive and more. I found this part quite interesting and made me think about which strand I fell in. I had to do some additional research.

If you are an educator you should read this book because it will fuel your brain with why we are a vital ingredient in the education system and development of learning. You should read the book just to gain a glimpse into how educational reform is based on these theories and the flaws in them all as well as the key ideas to work with.

With this review I am trying something different. Instead of writing paragraphs of my thoughts from my notes and sketches I thought I would just share the actual notes with you instead.

Here are my notes, sketches, and key takeaways from the book. Maybe you find this helpful or perhaps not, but I thought I would share a bit into how I read through this review.

Go read this book, work through the jargon, and reach out to me when you want to discuss the contents as I think it would allow for some powerful conversation.

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