Coffeechug Catapult 1.0 Crowdsource Maker Challenge

This video is a challenge to see how to make Coffeechug Catapult 1.0 even better for version 2.0

The goal here is to promote thinking, problem solving, prototyping, and experimenting within the makerspaces to enhance our learning. I thought it would be fun to crowdsource the journey and discover how others would solve the problem.

Feel free to share with your students and classes the challenge and look forward to the comments for me to test out in the next prototype.


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2 thoughts on “Coffeechug Catapult 1.0 Crowdsource Maker Challenge

  1. Aaron,
    Since this minute I’m in the throes of FTE count for state reporting, network permissions issues, firewalls, canvas rollouts, graduation requirements, learning objectives, and organizing an integrated learning space that welcomes K-12 students, my foremost thought for you is “breathe and enjoy the freedom.”
    Of course, my second realistic empathetic thought — funding, supporters, hooks …
    Those with passion and vision trade one set of criterion and shackles for another. You are AWESOME! Hope to build “some sort” of catapults SOON! Signing off in Edmonds, WA

    • Thank you Cathy! You are right in that I do need to stop and smell the roses or as you say “breathe and enjoy the freedom”. The work I do during my day job as well as during the nonprofit is to redefine the word school so we allow more teachers and students the chance to enjoy the freedom. I continue to hear from teachers about the lack of trust, professional judgment, and not being allowed to tap into their creativity.

      I hope that the work I share and do inspires others to play, tinker, and experiment so that they realize this is when true learning occurs.

      Best of luck with all of your work. You have a loaded plate. One piece at a time!