Coffeechug Experiments With DJi Phantom 2 Quadcopter Back Home in Hoosierland

Just this past weekend we went back to my home in Indiana to pick up my kids after they spent a few days with the grandparents. My parents live on several acres so I brought back my quadcopter to get some flying in and more importantly I knew my dad would love to fly it around.

We flew for about 3-4 hours of flight time which is not too bad considering the batteries last about 18-20 minutes. During this time we test many features that I will have to go back and shoot some video for at a later date.


  • turned off the controller to see if it would fly back home and it did
  • we kept it in the air until the battery died and watched it land itself
  • worked to understand the various color lights underneath
  • learned how to basically control the quadcopter
  • tested how it would hold up against crashing into a tree
  • felt the panic of a low storm cloud pass and lose complete sight of the quadcopter
  • understand depth perception while chasing hawks
  • learned how to scan the field for deer
  • learned my parents have an M on their barn

This video is just a short compilation of various pieces of photos and video


I hope to get back soon so we can run some new tests and capture better video

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