Coffeechug Fitness Challenge Approaches! Time To Get Serious

On Monday of this week I launched the Coffeechug Fitness Challenge. The goal is to connect people to help each other strive to meet their goals for fitness, health, and lifestyle.

Since the launch we have about 16 people signed up and ready to go. There are others who are sitting back a bit to see what happens.

Regardless, I am excited that others are ready to give this a shot.

June 1st starts the group challenge where I have challenged everyone to get in at least 100 miles in the month of June. I don’t care if you run or walk. I don’t care if you use a pedometer and count all steps or count only workouts. You make it what you need to make in order for you to be successful.

We have a group on Facebook where I just posted two documents to track our mileage each day/week and another to track our weight gains and losses.

If you choose to keep your weight private to only yourself that is perfectly fine. Knowing myself I need to hold myself accountable and the only thing that works is to go public. On Monday I weighed myself and this was my result.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.58.13 AM

I cropped my feet out because they are nasty. The numbers are not much more pleasant. I have a few weeks until the QC Triathlon and currently I come nowhere close to fitting into my wetsuit let alone be in shape for the race. I have some serious work to do, but it will be good to take my mind away from education and bit and work on developing some good habits of health again.

Before June 1st arrives I have two suggestions for you.

1. Start moving now and prepare the body for what you are about to do.

2. Take pictures of yourself. You don’t need to share, but what I have found to be the most influential is the look of my body. When I drop five pounds I might not feel any different, but my body will look different. Visualizations are key. Stand in that mirror and snap some selfies of your body and store them somewhere hidden and delete off your phone. Use them as a reminder on the days you don’t want to eat healthy or the days you don’t want to train/exercise.

Sunday, June 1st will be here before you know. Get signed up, create your goals, and lets kick some serious butt!

We must work our bodies so we can work out minds. I look forward to watching us hit our goals!

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