Coffeechug Fitness Challenge: June 2015

Are You Ready?

I have operated a small Facebook group called Coffeechug Fitness Challenge for the last year. The goal of the group is to share what you are doing to say healthy and use the collective power of the group to keep you motivated. It is not a competition against others, but instead using others to help you compete with yourself.

Last June we ran a monthly competition that worked out really well.

This June we are launching a new one and just want to extend the invite to anyone who needs a positive support group to make it happen.

Here it is! The June Challenge.

You choose – minutes or miles.

You choose your goal.

Let the community help you stay motivated and hit those goals.

To join you will have to ask to join by hitting the button on Facebook

I will approve you. You will see a post from today leading to a spreadsheet to type in your goals and start charting your work.

While there go ahead and introduce yourself, share a favorite recipe, training tip, etc.

We hope to help you as much as you help us!

Every few days I will share pieces of information to help you stay motivated. I am ready, are you?

If you need help on your mindset, check this out!


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