Coffeechug Implements 1 Idea from #ITEC14

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.42.08 AMTime and time again we heard at ITEC14 the idea that we cannot rush back and try to implement every single idea. I took that to heart because I know that I have attended conferences, come back to my school with all these ideas and not use them because I don’t know where to start.

This year I have been working decluttering my life and being more productive. Any hack I can find I will experiment with to become more beneficial to myself and others. I took the idea of starting with one to heart.

I decided to jump into the world of Voxer. This is an app designed to chat with a group of people. You can add audio, text, or images. It allows everyone to chime in and follow along. This is all new to me so I am a complete newbie or n00b.

As I shared in the group the reason that I chose this as my first implementation is that I one who believes in the power of sharing. Not enough educators share their ideas. We worry that things have to be perfect, but that is not the case. The small ideas, the imperfect ones, and all those in between are what drive us to become better. If we don’t share how can we improve? How can we help others? The answer is that you cannot!

Voxer is my challenge to myself. I am already amazed at the amazing people who have joined the group. We created an #ITEC group so that we can continue to share out what we are learning and doing after connecting and learning at the conference.

What idea have you decided on implementing? Leave a comment or better yet join us on Voxer!

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