Coffeechug Minimalism Challenge Day 2: Runner’s World

Today seems even easier than yesterday. I know that you might be thinking what a joke this guy is only throwing away two magazines. What you may not know about me is that I have stacks of magazines. I have probably 40 guitar magazines from high school back when I tried to learn to play guitar. I have old Rolling Stone magazines that I think are cool, but have not read or touched in a decade.

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Today I tossed out two Runner’s World magazines. I tore out the running plans that were shared inside. Typically I would just keep the whole magazine. I have hundreds of magazines in the Nerd Cave just in case I would ever use an article again.

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Writing this makes me realize how stupid this sounds. In my mind I can freely justify the reasons and be okay with the fact that I have kept so much. Reading these words and knowing that perhaps one day this book could be published and read by others makes realize how stupid the notion of keeping magazines sound.

Magazines are one of my favorite items to get the mail. I love them mail. I am that person that if I am home when the mail truck comes by I am to my mailbox while the truck is one stop over at the neighbors. Magazines feel like a little gift each month. I love to read each article, highlight quotes, circle passages, tear out images, blog about articles, and of course look at all the pictures and ads.

So today hopefully marks the point in my declutter phase where I continue to toss out more magazines. It started with two. I have many more to go.

On a side note, some items have sold on Ebay. I am not able to record these as part of the plan because I have not officially mailed them off yet. The plan is to do so tomorrow. As I sell items on Ebay I realize that not everything I have is complete junk. I am bringing in some cash for the items which is good. This money can be used to help pay off our credit card debt without messing up our budget.

Not sure what I will toss or sell tomorrow. And I am not sure how many items this will be. Perhaps I will have enough items sold on Ebay to mail off tomorrow to make this decision easy.

Until then, continue to work towards decluttering your mind and life to lead a more positive lifestyle.

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