Coffeechug Notes: Basketball Thought from Dick DeVenzio

One of my all time favorite books on basketball that I read every year always looking for a that new thought or idea is

Every time I read this book I take away new ideas. I love this book and if you coach or play basketball then this book should be on your shelf.

Here are just a few of my favorite passages that I use every year coaching

B-U-B = Ball You Basket – you should always be closer to the the basket than the ball!

1829 – ration of diameter of rim (18) to diameter of ball (9).

Click, Click, Click – move the ball without holding it. You have to know before you get the ball what you are going to do with it. Goal is ten clicks a game.

When attacking in open court go right at the defender, then break. Don’t make an angle early. Keep them guessing and off balance.

Get in his “bubble”

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