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Here is a rundown of the books I read this week.

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Eyes Wide Open by Paul Fleischman – This is a book focused on climate change and the environmental headlines facing the world. What I took away from this book is an even more important piece – what it means to be human and care for your surroundings. Reading the book I felt the need to readjust my thinking of what it means to be human. The visuals, the links, and extra resources make this book work for any person including kids. I could not help but see this book as a framework for a classroom exploring projects, the environment, our costs of our decisions, and how to make our voices heard. There is a much bigger issue that must be addressed and the author captures it perfectly through the stories and awareness of the environment.

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Is Nothing Something? by Thich Nhat Hanh – I love books that are so simple and yet so powerful. Thich Nhat Hanh has collected questions posed to him by kids and provides elegant answers to them. You do not have to be Zen or Buddhist to apply these ideas. The heart of these questions are all things we deal with whether a kid or adult. The book comes across like a picture book. My first thought of reading this book was to get it in the hands of my kids. I would love to hold family discussions around these questions. The essence of this book is that it is okay to think what we think, feel how we feel, and know that must embrace who we are.

I am trying to get back to being in shape. Although my eating needs some serious work I have been getting in some good workouts running out in the cold and bike workouts.

This week I finished watching Sound City

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I love music. I love documentaries. This is one of the better things I have watched this year. Even if you don’t like music, you will find some value in watching this documentary. I wrote two blogs posts based on ideas shared in the video which you can read here and here.

I decided to watch this for something different and was not expecting my mind to be blown. Great story about a music studio, but on a grander scale so many things that the people spoke about could be applied to life in general. Tom Petty and Trent Reznor bring some key ideas to light. Very well done!

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I just needed to watch something different from the norm. I needed something to remind me that the life I have is quite blessed. This documentary reminded me of what is essential in life. When I get stressed or angry about some things I need to step and realize that I need to get off my high horse and get over myself. Life is good. Appreciate your family and friends and don’t lose sight of what is important to being really and truly happy.


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