Coffeechug Reads: Babe Conquers the World: The Legendary Life of Babe Didrikson Zaharias by Rich Wallace and Sandra Neil Wallace

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Book Description(from Amazon)

Babe Didrikson Zaharias had one driving goal: to become the greatest athlete who ever lived. And she made good on that promise with a meteoric rise to famed basketball player, Olympic medalist, and top female golfer. But there was more to Babe than just sports. Noted novelists and sportswriters Rich and Sandra Wallace expose the many controversies surrounding this famous female athlete—her upbringing, personality, marriage, and even her early death. This action-packed story of a woman, ESPN ranks as #10 of the top North American athletes of the twentieth century also includes personal and professional photographs, quotes, a bibliography, and an index.

Coffeechug Thoughts

I have not read YA in a long time. I have been nominated to be a Cybils judge for the YA Non-Fiction category this year. I will be posting many book reviews in this category and I work though what books I think are the best in this category. I will not share which ones I think are best, but will be offering honest reviews of what I am reading.

Babe is a good read. Right away I could not believe that I was never exposed to her and her story. Having two daughters of my own I think she is one that my daughters need to read about when they get older.

The book reads very easy. I really enjoyed the visuals and pictures along the way. In addition, there are little snippets of historical events and other little gems to help bring the story into context. It is hard to believe how limited women had it not even a hundred years ago. It is amazing how much change has happened since then.

Her journey is a fast paced, hard driven lifestyle that ended way too short. Anyone who has been asked to fly with Amelia Earhart, play golf with Babe Ruth, and break the barriers and records she accomplished should be known. This is a story for both kids and adults. As an educator her story would be an easy way to teach history with students who don’t like history.

You can read more and purchase the book here. If you do buy the book and use my Amazon Affiliate link the money will go towards building a school in Africa.

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