Coffeechug reads How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams

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Another book that really challenged my thoughts. This book is written by the creator of the comic Dilbert. I have not really read anything by him or his comics until this book. I read some items online that referenced this book and after seeing the cover I wanted to read it. Additionally, the word FAIL in the title grabbed me with the online talk about failure and mindset in education.

The book is basically part biography hidden in so many layers of advice. He shows through his life journey how through all of our failures we can find a way to be successful. As I read the book I stopped at several points to read them again, read them to my wife, and absorb the contents.

The book touches on everything. This book is not just career advice. It talks about health, diet, business, life, goals, etc. He leaves no leaf unturned in this book.

You may not agree with everything he shares and I don’t think he really wants you to. However, with his insight you cannot help but look at things in a new perspective or feel even stronger about how you approach things.

A few examples that really got me were the chapters on passion, goals and systems, and a very short passage on schools.

This is a great read. This is one you can have at your bedside and read a bit at a time. You can pick it up anytime and gain something from it.

There is a lot to read because he has an opinion on everything. What I liked most about this book is that it is real. There is nothing that is all perfect and life is great mindset. He gives his insight whether you like it or not.

If you need something to read, then this is one to check out. If you have been online in last few months, then you have probably read something with a reference to this book. When you finish the book check out his blog as he offers more ideas there.

Lastly, I have another Evernote note full of book notes for me to process and think about due to this book.

I will be responding with my issues with some of this thoughts on topics in future posts.

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