Coffeechug Reads….One Dirty Bowl: Fast Baking, Faster Cleanup


This is not a book I typically read or review on the site. I believe that it is important to branch out and read different books from time to time to freshen things up.

I was asked to read this book as part of the blog tour and I could not resist due to the fact that I have three kids and cooking is something they do enjoy doing. Anytime I find recipes that are easy to make as well as easy to eat I am all about it. Even more important is that they are desserts and who does not love dessert?

Front Cover

I am not a huge cook or baker by trade. When I opened up the book and start checking out all the recipes I started marking ones left and right to try.

Having little baking knowledge besides a good old pie recipe I found these perfect. They are recipes that I could can do as a father that actually turn out looking and tasting good.

They layout of the book is nice with bright colors and great pictures of the desserts. What you will find are some standard recipes that you have seen before and then there are others that combine foods in new ways that just make you want to try them to see how they taste. A few examples would be the white chocolate cherry delights and mini pumpkin Oreos.

I am a chocolate lover and there were plenty to get my fill like the little chocolate rolls and seriously chunky brownies.

This book has something for everyone. I know we have some more baking moments as family in our future and when in a pinch for team snacks or school events I will be using this book as a reference.

If you are looking for some new recipes that are easy to make and taste great check this book out. Who knows, I might have to add some cooking videos in the near future!

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