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Rarely do you find something in the middle of an intense bike workout with tears in their eyes. The tears were not from the being out of shape and challenging my legs, but from an intense moment in this documentary created by Sarah Polley.

Sarah Polley creates a very intriguing documentary based on her family. She digs into the truths and stories we tell ourselves to get through life. What we find out when we start to look at the big picture with various perspectives can open up channels of truth that you might never expect.

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I rarely do movie reviews. This one I felt needed to be shared. We all have family. We all have stories we tell one another. What I found really moving about this video is the power of love and family. Despite mistakes and decisions there is no stronger bond than family.

On a deeper level it reminds me that often times when we look for inspiration or fresh perspective we often look outside of ourselves. Watching this video made me realize that we have the best right here inside all of us. We don’t need to look outside ourselves or our immediate circles of loved ones. We have all we need. We have all the stories we could ever ask for in addition to learning.

As I work through writing a book and struggling time and time again it reminded me that I have all that I need. I have the ideas, insight, and information to make it happen. I need to quit wasting my time looking elsewhere.

The whole documentary is a series of interviews so it is not like it is an action packed visual creation. Rather, the story grips you and you just have to watch. Such a great story.

This one worth watching.

To track it down here is the link for Amazon or simply click the picture above to the main website.

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