Coffeechug Wants Your Summer Reading List

IMG_7718I have picked up the habit of reading BOOKS again. I have not read many books so far as I have been consumed with magazines, blogs, websites, articles, and all the short form writing found online.

A few weeks back I was asked by the awesome Gifted_Guru about sharing my book list.

I am working on my list as we speak despite being a bit overdue.

As I was reading and compiling my list I had a cool idea. Who really cares about what I am reading? People like diversity and like lists of all sorts. People like to check things out in one location from people all over.

In a week I will be posting my reading list. AND I want to add your reading list to the post as well. I want a hub of summer reading lists.

I don’t care how you submit it. You can email it to me, you can share a Google Doc, you can send me a link to a blog post, Goodreads page, etc.

It can be a plain list or you can explain why you chose what books you chose. People love to know reasons so I would love to know why you chose what you are reading.

So, starting putting that list together of what you have read and what you plan to read. Or come up with a theme. Surprise me and make it YOU!

The more the merrier. I am hoping for at least 10 summer read lists. Are there 10 of you out there? Let’s find out.



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