Coffeenotes week 19

This is a different post for me. I have not posted as frequently as I normally do for many reasons so as I work to get my routine back I have decided to just share a breakdown of things happening to bring myself back to blogging and to share what has been going on lately.

I have not done this before so you will not find this for the previous 18 weeks of the year. Perhaps this becomes a weekly thing or not. Time will tell.

Inspired by the amazing people I met at E2 while attending the conference put on by Microsoft. The best experience in my 11 years of education. Many blog posts coming, but for now inspired by everyone else who has found time to write and share.

Sick of being sick. Came home from Seattle last Saturday night. Allergies flared up something serious which lead to me being sick all week. Super fatigued, achy bones, and exhausted.

Determined to get back into training. I have a triathlon race in three weeks so that race will be a disaster as I have not done anything in over three weeks, but looking forward to healthy eating and training again. Time to get this body back to being presentable.

Developing a final version of some OneNote notebooks to share out with the world and educators

Swaying a weekly newsletter to staff to celebrate the great things they are doing

Taking care of my four year old daughter who has waited so long to turn four this weekend to find herself sick.

Reminding myself and children how lucky we are to have Amanda in our family for Mother’s Day. We need to celebrate all she does more instead of waiting for one day a year

Writing personal notes to all educators in my building who have had an impact on me this year.

Waiting patiently for a piece to come in to fix my Makerbot Replicator 2. It finally arrived so I can finish printing the 70 prints that students are waiting to be printed so they can finish their projects.

There you have it. A lot going on. Still have a lot to do before I feel caught up, but many strides were made. Here is to a great week 20!

This week I will be back to blogging daily, exercising daily, eating healthy, and sharing all that is good!

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