Dark Eden by Parick Carman Book Promotion

I received this very cool box yesterday that contained some great book promotion materials for Dark Eden by Patrick Carman that comes out on Halloween. I am super excited for this book. I remember book talking Skeleton Creek many years back and showing the first video to 300+ 6th graders and watching them become instantly hooked.

Skeleton Creek has been done to death in my building and I am in need of something new that follows the same type of format. I read about Dark Eden and instantly pre-ordered the book for the Kindle. I have great hope that this book is going to scare the pants right off of me.

Anyways, I contacted the publisher and they delivered some great promotional goodies. I am going to give it all away to hopefully generate some interest in this new book.

I have two shirts – one black and one white – that I will be giving away along with 5 lanyards.

FEAR IS THE CURE T-SHIRT is what I am giving away

Here is how you can apply to enter for the two shirts and/or one of the five lanyards

1. Follow my blog and leave a comment that you wish to enter.
2. Take one of the 20 FEAR TEST cd’s, take the test and then return the cd to me with your results. I am going to poll all the results to see what our fears are. If you don’t want to wait for the cd, then go the website http://enterdarkeden.com/the-fear-test/ and take the test. Make sure to send me your results.
3. Come up with something more clever and convince me it is worthy of an entry.

How I felt while taking the test!!!!

I will be giving away the goodies on November 3rd.

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