Don’t Be Human Spam

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As the title suggests, don’t be human spam. Seriously!

Do not take up space. Simply don’t waste space and time of others. It is not worth it to you or others.

You are a human brand. Everything you do is branding yourself. You are always giving feedback by your actions, things you buy, things you say, and what you portray to others.

The key here is to see how the world sees you and not how you see yourself. What image are you portraying? Not what YOU THINK you are portraying.

You can make an impact in 9 seconds. As a teacher, parent, coach, and/or mentor. What are you doing to grab attention of others right away? Or are you letting those precious seconds escape you?

So ask yourself, “How can I stop being boring?” Step up to the plate and brand yourself the way you want to be branded.

And quit being Human Spam.

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