Don’t Forget To Help Leaders STOP!

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“We spend a lot of time helping leaders learn what to do. We don’t spend enough time helping them learn what to stop.” Marshall Goldsmith

This quote resonated with me because I find great truth in this statement. Year after year, day after day we are bombarded with tips, strategies, frameworks, and how to guides on what to do.

We consume books, magazines, tv shows, podcasts on this very topic to become better and learn how to lead.

What nobody addresses is how to figure out what to stop. We keep adding and adding, but never subtracting and in the end we just bounce from idea to idea without eliminating the clutter.

Don’t forget to have conversations and reflections with others and yourself that help you figure out what you need to let go and get rid of.

This is what I think is missing in many organizations is this very topic. We need cannot keep adding without letting things go at the same time.

I am testing this out in my own life here and here.

What are you letting go as you add new ideas to your toolbox?

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