#edplay March Calendar Is Available


I have crafted the calendar of events for #edplay for the month of March. Yes, things might change a bit, but at least you can plan. I already have April 95% completed and will be sharing that soon. I am excited for how things are developing and hope it continues to grow with time.

I have started to assemble a wiki for our Play and Tinkering in the Classroom PD as a final resting place for resources and events. We have this blog as well as the #edplay hashtag as well as the Google Community to keep conversations going. I thought it would be nice to have one spot as a “final” version of events and ideas. It still needs work, but overtime it will be a great resource.

The wiki has the calendar http://playandtinkering.wikispaces.com/Calendar+of+Events and like everything I create feel free to join the wiki and add what you think will be helpful and needed along the way. It is quite bare right now, but I hope to have this looking sharp soon.

Check the calendar and hope to see you join a chat or read a comment soon!

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