#edplay Twitter Chat 2 is ready for 2.19.14

#edplay Twitter Chat 2

When: Feb. 19th

Time: 8:00 CST

Where: Twitter – hashtag #edplay or follow @coffeechugbooks

Topic: Play in the Scope and Sequence of Education

Summary: For this Twitter Chat I would like to focus on three articles. I think it would beneficial to you to read them all even if you don’t plan on attending the chat. They are three articles shared by people in the Play and Tinkering in the Classroom PD Google Community. They are diverse from one another, but I think they all collectively are pieces to a much larger puzzle facing education.

If you don’t read them, then I think you are still able to participate and share your thoughts so if you don’t ignore the chat if you don’t get to the reading. However, the readings will spark some ideas that I know you will want to share.

All information with links to the articles and questions to ponder are located in the Google Doc. Feel free to add your suggestions and thoughts before Wednesday.

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