I provided three sessions and two workshops for ITEC

Sphero Smackdown
Ready to tickle your brain in a creative showdown of Sphero challenges? Come prepared to tinker, hack and play with Sphero Robots. Build, code and race to see which team garners Sphero Ninja status. If bragging rights are on your conference bucket list then Sphero Smackdown is for you! Disclaimer: Participants may experience uncontrollable laughter, brain farts, temper tantrums and more.

Speedgeeking with Coffeechug version 3.0
This will be rapid fire session of technology tips, tricks and productivity tools that I use in my classroom and school to help make life easier for both myself as a teacher and for students. I will share out things I use with classrooms as well as staff during Teaching Tinker Time and PD. These ideas will give you time to enjoy that cup of coffee and have fun at the same time! The key here is simplicity and productivity.

Makerspace: It is about the culture, not the tools
This session is designed to help educators and anyone involved in the field of education understand what this makerspace movement is all about and how to find a way to make it work in the school setting. Through a variety of hands on learning, lively discussions, activities, and planning, participants will walk away with a sense of how to implement the ideas back at their school and classroom. Key ideas to be discussed will be learning spaces, PBL integration, how to merge makerspace culture in any classroom, easy activities to start, and how to blueprint change for your current space.

Student Voice: Are you listening?
This session combines teacher experience and student power through mini break out sessions highlighting #iastuchat, ISLI, StuCamps, and most importantly the student voice. This is an opportunity to discuss a shift in the classroom focus with those that are most affected in education: students.

Computational Thinking with LEGO WeDo
Do you use computational thinking in your classroom? Your answer should be YES! and if you are unsure you probably already are! Come join us as we use LEGO WeDo kits to implement computational thinking by creating a connected learning project. No prior experience required but what is required is an open mind to try new things, make the awesome happen, and an occasional brain fart. We will be creating artbots and possibly a connected project if time allows.

For this session you will need a laptop or Surface to be able to download the software. To speed up the process please have the following ready to go.1. Scratch 2.0 https://scratch.mit.edu/overview/2. Scratch for WeDo extension for your browser https://scratch.mit.edu/scratchr2/static/help/en/ui/extensions.html

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Date: October 12, 2015—October 13, 2015
Event: ITEC Conference
Topic: All Resources Here
Venue: Iowa Events Center
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