Favorite Weekend

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Favorite Weekend…..

College Gameday. Notre Dame football. Cooler weather. I love this weekend and everything is brings to the table. With a full weekend of college football I will get very little done. If I were to share what I would talk about with my friends, then here you go.

This post about not giving letters grades is short and sweet, but the world still does not operate without letter grades. Kids want to know what to do and that is considered bad, but we as adults do the exact same thing. Is it a double standard? Is it really that bad?

I watched the VMA’s and felt old. I had that moment where I did not recognize everyone unless they were my age or older. This was not a good feeling. However, I found this podcast and am going to give it a listen as it seems to be the perfect ingredient. I need to know more about all these people that I don’t recognize. Old man hack, but it could be key to survival.

This post about students controlling their management system process spoke to me on several levels. As a teacher, I had a system, but realized it does not work for everyone. As a parent, my kids all operate differently and I need to let it be instead of forcing into my system. With my robotics team they are going to create an engineering journal. I was going to buy them all the same, but perhaps their first task is to develop what method works best for them. Oh boy, am I supporting student voice again? Yes I am.

Not sure why, but I have spent more time than needed clicking on objects and listening to sad noises of Deep Sadness.

Do I have the courage to drop a #sogonechallenge like Jose Vilson? I might just have to push my comfort zone and see what develops.

If we don’t want to acknowledge that the world is changing in every aspect of our lives, then just spend some time in this subbreddit of Futurology. Heck, even Iowa is trending in it right now.

People love to share TED talks, but this short 5 minute talk about the danger of silence should be required viewing by all students, teachers, parents, and coaches.

If Deep Sadness was not your cup of tea, then try this zen like site where you move blank screens. Or do the complete opposite with this site or be transfixed by this site.

I have made a vow to finish Stranger Things so I can finally discuss theories.

I actually read two books.
Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

The Innovator’s Method: Bringing the Lean Sta… by Nathan Furr

Last, if you missed it I posted Teacher Truth 1 on Facebook.

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