Getting It Done – Mix Things Up and Face Your Fears

I did it.

I posted on Twitter earlier today the following: @coffeechugbooks sometimes we just have to be brave and try something new to see where it takes us. will be announcing new challenge later today.

I just registered for the Davenport Duathlon being held tomorrow.

It is a 2 mile run, followed by a 14 mile bike ride, then finishing up with a 5k run.

I have never rode a bike 14 miles before. I tried a long bike ride on Friday and after 8 miles I was gassed.

This should prove interesting.

So the question is, “Why am I doing this?”

To knock down another mental wall in my head. I believe this is one more step for me accomplishing a future goal of mine of completing a triathlon.

Also, this is a great conditioner for my body in my training for my marathon and other races.

And it is a challenge. I look forward to challenges. I am nervous you bet, but I will handle my own tomorrow(hopefully).

I had to go out and buy a helmet as I did not own one and also a water bottle for my bike as I never needed one prior to tomorrow.

I feel the mental strength to sign up for this race stems from my daughter Addyson who after refusing to ride her bike without training wheels(I accidentally drove over them) for months, woke up yesterday, jumped on her bike and started riding instantly. She just decided that enough was enough and now she is a speed demon in the neighborhood. If she can overcome her fears at the age of 4, then I can overcome my fears at my age.

Yes, this is one more step in my conquest of Getting It Done.

What are you doing to Get It Done? Mix things up, try something new, create a little challenge to pull you out of your rut and see where your at. Face those fears.

P.S. Say a prayer for me that I don’t crash or hurt anyone on the way tomorrow. I am putting lives at risk with my big body on a cheap Schwinn.

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