Global Educators of Awesomeness Voxer Group

Come join the team!

In 2014 I challenged myself at ITEC to create an Iowa Educator Voxer group and to be honest this has probably been one of the most powerful PLN groups to challenge my thinking, keep me grounded in reality, and forcing me to really think through my ideas. Over the summer it began to fall apart after two years and now it is just a barren wasteland of what was powerful connected learning.

I am not waving the white flag. I am going to remaster the group and get it back up and running.

And I want you to join us.

This group has been rebranded to Global Educators of Awesomeness. In this day and age where it is simply too easy to connect with like minded people we must be the change agents.

The goal of this group is to bring in the minds of educators from all over the world to share questions, ideas, thoughts, and powerful conversations. The hope is that it ignites deeper levels of thoughts, challenges our ideas, and promotes a better learning opportunity for all.

If you have not heard of Voxer, then it is time to download the app or login from your computer.

Join our group! The link is here

Begin by introducing yourself, listening in to the chats that will soon start up and together let us make it a goal to empower us all by having real honest conversations about education.

It is time to be support network for educators and learn that all perspectives matter.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the group.


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