Going Global

Want to connect your classroom with the world and promote global citizenship? Using Skype, you can connect students across town, around the world, bring in industry experts, or take virtual field trips. Learn how you can connect with other educators, get lesson plans, start a project and more from Skype in the Classroom.

For any of this to work you will need to create a Microsoft Education account. Head to https://education.microsoft.com/ 

Head here and take some courses, explore some projects, and get started

Once you have an account, then the world is at your fingertips when it comes to using Skype

Resources from Session

  1. Mystery Skype
    1. Mystery Skype Notebook
    2. https://education.microsoft.com/skype-in-the-classroom/mystery-skype
    3. To find #MysterySkype partners, there are two options.  1 – Twitter users can post a request for a Skype partner with the #mysteryskype
    4. The second option to find Mystery Skype partners is to explore the map at https://education.microsoft.com/skype-in-the-classroom/mystery-skype.  In order to request a Skype partner, teachers would need to create accounts at Skype in the Classroom.  Of course teachers can always play Mystery Skype with classrooms they already know.  Instead of playing Mystery Location, they could play Mystery Animal, Mystery Number (which is terrific for younger students), Mystery Career, or Mystery Author.  We have even seen classrooms play one another in the same building.  It’s great fun, opens doors to further global collaborations, and builds critical thinking skills.
  2. Skype-A-Thon – This event takes place on November 28-29th, 2017 and is your chance to connect with as many locations as possible.
  3. Virtual Field Trips
  4. Speak with Experts
  5. Skype Kahoot
  6. Create Poetry or any type of online collaboration
  7. Daily Video Messages
  8. Classroom Collaboration
  9. Enable Participation Outside of Classroom
  10. Keeping It Real

Bonus Ideas

  • Share Lunch Images
  • Perform a Skit
  • Invite An Author
  • Culture Exchange
  • Christmas Card Exchange
  • Ongoing PenPal Experience
  • Parent Teacher Conferences

Additional Resources

For so much more in terms of examples, videos, pictures, links, rubrics, and everything else you can imagine head over to this OneNote

Going Global

Examples of Global Work from my 2010-2012 Classrooms

Examples of Global Work from my 2012-2013 Classroom

Global Project To Consider Joining

Further Resources to Consider

Global Debate Project we have been running for four years: Is Revolution Justified?

035: Living on the Edge of Chaos with Todd Flory http://wp.me/p4covo-1Md

Skype in the Classroom: Enhancing Learning For All http://wp.me/p4covo-1KL

One example of using Skype to enhance student voice and learning http://wp.me/p4covo-1xC

Literacy Across the World http://wp.me/p4covo-1ow

What makes a person more than a number? Skype With Holocaust Survivor Using SP3 http://wp.me/p4covo-1op

Book Review: Madonnas of Leningrad and Skype with author http://wp.me/p4covo-5t

Taking Global Collaboration and Skype Beyond Mystery Skypes http://wp.me/p4covo-1ny

Flattening Classroom Walls: Connecting with Cadiz, Spain using Skype http://wp.me/p4covo-1bW

What is True Survival? http://wp.me/p4covo-1zb

049: Living On The Edge of Chaos – How To Leverage Technology For Authentic Learning Part 1 http://wp.me/p4covo-1VK

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