Google Classroom: Guardian Notification is Here!

Finally, after months of waiting and impatiently checking each day for this update to be released it has finally dropped.

Google For Education announced the parent access to the Classroom and it is as simple and productive as Classroom is for teachers and students. This update comes with an addition of other updates that look just as promising.

For now, let us just be super happy with the parent piece of Classroom. What this will allow you to do is invite guardians to access Classroom. Classroom then becomes a one stop shop for you to enter assignments, questions, announcements for students and parents. Students get notified and documents are created as you are already aware. Parents will receive an email daily or weekly depending on their preference about all the activity taking place in the Classroom. It organized missing work, upcoming work, announcements, questions, etc. Parents are now able to see everything and there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to not be aware of what is going on as long as teachers push these through Classroom.

I am so excited and cannot wait to add this element to our school as we go 1:1 with Chromebooks this year.

What are your thoughts about this feature? I am hope you are as excited as I am!

Check out the walkthrough of the feature below

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4 thoughts on “Google Classroom: Guardian Notification is Here!

    • They do not need a gmail account. The summaries are linked by the student and they receive a regular email with all the information. No new email account required.