Google Classroom: Sort Stream With Topics

The latest batch of updates from Google is so great. I previously provided a walkthrough about the update to add parents and guardians to the Classroom and today I must share the next great update.

Adding topics to posts in the Classroom.

So what this means is that we can now organize our assignments and posts by topic. What this will create is a column on the left side that students can click a topic and all posts will appear. Think about this for a minute. You can now sort by unit, standard, project, chapter, etc. Whatever works for you as a teacher can now be done.

No more strolling for days to find that one post from a month ago!

Check it out and let us know how this can help your classroom organization.

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One thought on “Google Classroom: Sort Stream With Topics

  1. This is SUPER great! I’m so excited to know this BEFORE I complete setting up this year’s google classrooms. Have I mentioned how amazing and timely you are for sharing these new features … Thank you!