Google Glass Education Experiment: How to Follow the Journey #ggee

I am playing with Google Glass over break trying to make sure I know how it all works. When school arrives we will be creating the Google Glass Education Experiment where I will be documenting and showcasing education in a real authentic perspective: Google Glass. The possibilities are endless, but the goal is to showcase the world of education. It is going to be so exciting that I cannot wait to see where things develop.

Before we begin I have been testing things out and creating channels and the whole social media presence of Google Glass Education Experiment. Here are the ways you can follow this experiment.

1. Read this website. I will continue to blog and document the journey from here. Above in the menu there is a page dedicated to this experiment.

2. Hashtag #ggee – this will be the official hashtag of the experiment. I have been using this already on Twitter and also on Instagram. I will try to showcase images daily.
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3. YouTube – over on my channel I will be documenting video footage several times a week. I have created a playlist that you can follow.The previous videos will give you some ideas about this actual experiment.

4. YOU! Let me know what you think, what you would like to see, what can be better, etc. The whole point of this experiment is to be interactive and create some dialogue and discussion about education and the power of students. I am excited to see where this takes things. I would love to have you join our journey.

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