Google Sheets: Import Range Function To Share Data

In education there are times when we gather data into a sheet and need to share parts of the form out to others. How does one do that so that it populates automatically over time without copying and pasting time and time again?


Warning: My goal is to take the questions people have about technology and provide solutions. This is just one solution. If you have other ideas or methods to solving the same issue, then please leave a comment or reach out so we can showcase the method. This is not the only method, but simply one that I use.




For those who don’t want to watch a video, here is a quick guide. To do this tutorial you need to have open

  1. Existing spreadsheet with the data you want to move to another Sheet
  2. The new Sheet you want to create

Step 1

Grab the key from the URL of the Google Doc you want to import.


Step 2

Write down or take a mental note of the columns or range you want to import. You can import entire columns by entering something like Tab Title!A:F. Or, for a specific range, something like Tab Title!A6:F100.

Step 3

Go to your new Sheet that you are creating. Enter the following data in the Sheet where you want it to appear.


Make sure you swap out my key with your own as well as the range of data you want to copy over.


Step 4

Format your data. You can do it by hand or use the Explore option to make it look nice. This is why choosing where to add the function is important.


Learn More

Check out the resources on my Google page on this website as well as my YouTube playlist of tips

Please be sure to leave a comment with other ways you sort data and any questions, tips, tricks, and ideas that you have.

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One thought on “Google Sheets: Import Range Function To Share Data

  1. As someone who loves spreadhseets and all things Google I found your post today. I looked at lots of your resources and posts and was pleased to find lots of useful information. I am also trying to start a MakerSpace program at our school and loved looking at the Lego posts! My 9 year old son and I happend to go to the Jersey Shore Maker Fest yesterday and spent lots of time in the Lego Room playing and making with bricks and robots. I am looking forward to learning a lot more from this site. Keep up the good work

    ​Kevin M. O’Donnell
    Google for Education Certified Trainer
    Google Certified Educator Level 2
    Teacher – Facilitator – Trainer
    Belmar Elementary School