Gross and Interesting Facts Challenge

This idea popped up in my head while creating Nerd Factory Video #4. This is your chance to share some gross and interesting facts like the ones I shared in the video.

Here are the rules.

1. State the fact(s)
2. Include the website to verify the fact(s) are true.

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30 thoughts on “Gross and Interesting Facts Challenge

  1. in one pound of peanut butter it contains 150 bug fragments and 5 rodent hairs! Thank goodness im allergic to peanut butter!

  2. This one’s for you Mr. Maurer. Think abou this next time you drink coffee. Diarrhea induced E. Coli was found on 10% of coffee mugs in the US. YUCK!

  3. 66% of people pick their nose to relive discomfort
    65.1% people use their index finger to pick
    2.1% of people pick their nose for enjoyment

  4. In one pound of peanut butter, it typically can contain up to 150 bug fragments and 5 rodent hairs. (You know whats funny I put peanut butter on my love list)

  5. In Peru and other South American countries, guinea pigs are important protein food items.

    Monkey is a popular food item in China and Southeast Asian.

    In Africa, there are restaurants that serve zebra, camel, and giraffe.

    Rat is used in many recipes in China

    In Australia people hunt monitor lizards, then cover them in mud and roast them over a fire.

    Why you are at it go ahead and eat the famous dish called Dragon’s Palm(look it up if you wish)


    How about going to Thailand to indulge on some deep fried duck’s beak?

    You know what….I think I need to make a video about this. Off to brainstorm

  6. The nose drips to the back of the throat, when you kiss yo may have saliva and mucus mix.

  7. House flies go to the bathroom roughly every 4.5 minutes. Think about that next time you see a fly on your arm or on your food.

    -Megan Cowherd
    -Alexis Higley
    aka 7th graders

    We miss you Mr.Maurer!!!

  8. As humans, we swallow two cups of mucus every single day

    The average person eats 3 pounds of food a day. If you live to be about 70, then you will produce enough poop that would amount to the size of a car.

    If your body was freeze dried, 10% of your body weight would be all the little critters that live on/in your body.

    The largest earthworm discovered was 22 feet long. (That is sooooooo gross!!!!!!!!!!!)

    The discharge from a skunk that causes that horrible smell is actually used(or part of it) in perfumes

    Here are some gross food dishes:
    China: Sun dried maggots
    Mexico: lamb brain tacos
    Peru: BBQ cow heart
    Laos: roasted caterpillars
    Tanzania: white ant pie

    These facts were compiled from the Icky, Sticky Gross-Out books and Kids Book of Gross Facts and Feats