Help Purge the Education Landscape of Terrible Games!

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What video games have you played as a student to enhance your learning experience?

Do you have any? Can you remember?

We need to hear from you and soon!

To make a long story short, I connected with a person who is working with the US Dept. of Education. He is helping with a project with the U.S. Dept of Ed to purge terrible learning games from education an replace them with epic ones instead. We need student voice and voices of any who has insight that could help us out.

Here is what we are seeking

1. What are the issues, skills, ideas or topics you think a video game could convey well that traditional education is lame or ineffective at teaching?

2. What kind of game would you want to see in the classroom?

At this point the ideas don’t have to be on a massive scale. We just need feedback that will allow us to work to create quality gaming.

Be sure to include the names of any games that you played. Please provide more than just that the game sucked. We need reasons why. We need to know what YOU think would create that excellent platform.

We need to hear from you soon. Deadline is very close.

Please spread the word, share this post, share the video. The more voices we hear the better the results will be.

When I hear any updates on where things are heading after this step I will be sure to share!

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