How Gone With The Wind and Can Free Up Phone Storage

Here is a new little trick to help you free up space on your phone. This tip is so amazing that you don’t have to delete anything off your phone. Please check out the video and if you like leave a comment on YouTube with how much space it saved you. Even better would be if you subscribed to the channel!

Happy free phone storage day!

Here is the link

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One thought on “How Gone With The Wind and Can Free Up Phone Storage

  1. That IS a great tip but I gotta wonder why that guy has a 16GB phone. My daughter and I have gone up to 128GB and my wife has 64, so we don’t have that problem. I DO make sure to tell everybody to use Google Photos (or something similar) to back up their pix so they can delete unneeded ones to free up space. But I love this tip for anyone I meet with less memory in need of a quick fix. Thanks.