I Had To Run Solo To Get My Mind Right

I headed out early this morning. I slept terrible all night. Not sure what my deal was, but at 3:45 I decided to just get up. I got some school work done and around 4:40 I headed out for my run. I needed to get out and just run on my own. I needed time to sort things out mentally for myself. Try to figure out what is going on. I skipped the morning group run and headed out solo.

I wanted 8 miles and I had to be home by 6 am so Amanda could run to school for sub plans. She had to stay home as Addy had to go to specialist about her arm(she broke her elbow).

I headed out and took things easy working to be sure I kept to 154 HR. I was good until mile 6 when I was much higher than I should have been. I did not feel bad. Actually, the pace felt easy. I did not feel like I was pushing too hard. I knew I should have slowed down to keep my HR regulated, but things felt good. I did slow down the last mile for a cool down.

During the run I took an Advocare gel and came home and consumed some Rehydrate. I am going to give Advocare a try. After talking with Rod Creech, my AAU basketball coach from high school I felt rejuvenated again to get back on track. I hope it lasts, but just talking about some things and life I just felt motivated to get going again. I don’t know if I am in marathon shape, but I will see how the week goes.

I am tired today from the terrible night of sleep. I am really going to focus on my diet and nutrition this week(at least until the Notre Dame game Saturday).

Back on track for one day.

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One thought on “I Had To Run Solo To Get My Mind Right

  1. Wait. Doesn’t everyone always get up at 3:45? That ‘s the only way I can get my measly mile in on the tread mill! Hope the elbow isn’t too bad. I like the post card project.