Innovation Works Best When There’s A Problem To Solve

So how do we get educators to realize that the problem is the current practice of how we educate?

Schools are behind and when we finally realize that the change must happen now and adapt, then we behind again.

Education adapts when the demand is great, but by the time the machine catches up the demand has shifted to a new demand.

Think about engineering. Companies cannot hire or find enough engineers to employ. There is a surge and STEM is going crazy right now(myself is in this mix). However, will the demand still be there once we move schools to this direction? I don’t mean the pretty facade of STEM, but true coding, hacking, making, building. By that time there will be something else.

Anyone remember everyone jumping into medical sales?

Going back to the key point, the culture of education has to start to warm up to true conversations and realizing that we must adapt and upgrade. It is not the job of students to adapt to our old school ways, but for the professionals to adapt to meet the needs of students.

The problem to solve is that we are not reaching enough kids. We are not giving them the atmosphere to embrace a love of learning and to develop skills that allow them to be successful in any situation.

We are getting there, but not fast enough.

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