iPad Microscope

One of the simplest tools that has been used in classrooms for years has been microscopes.

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The old days of squinting one eye while squinting both because of poor dexterity are gone. The days of being asked to draw what you see in a poorly lit microscope to only lose view the next time you peered back in are gone.

This idea is not new to many people. But it is new to me and something that I believe is worthy enough of sharing.

This idea is adding a cheap $2-3 microscope to an iPad or tablet device to empower learning and investigative studies in the classroom and learning.

(show picture of iPad with microscope)


With this cheap alternative you not only have the interest of students, but you now have a larger screen that allows students to take pictures, record video, and then develop their own learning modules that are much more impactful than what you were doing before.

Here are some images captured with the microscope


What supplies do I need?

(links coming soon)

1 iPad or tablet device that allows for pictures and video

1 1/2 inch grommet

Super glue

1 microscope


How do I assemble? 

Images from Microscope


(links coming soon)

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