#ITEC14 Speedgeeking with Coffeechug Backchannel Q and A

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During one of my presentations Speedgeeking with Coffeechug Version 2.2 I opened up a backchannel for the audience to pose questions while I present. I ran through almost 100 slides in 50 minutes so it moves fast. Below are the answers to their questions.

As always I am so grateful for everyone who attended my session(s).

Many have asked for the 3D Powerpoint Museum. This website is where we found the idea and it contains the file to download if you don’t want to make your own. http://blog.simplek12.com/education/downloads-3d-powerpoint-museum-plus-more/

How do you display the 3D PPT Museums?During our exhibition night we have the museums set up on laptops. As students take their parents around to their work that is on display students are able to show their parents their work and the parents can go through the museum.
How do you pick your student panels for teacher project pitches? You can see our work here, but we started with one group of five girls to launch the idea. We needed teacher buy in so we wanted to make sure it was done right. This year we have over 20 students from a  list of about 40 students nominated by teachers. About half were interested. We are now currently working on ways to incorporate our students who are in trouble and serve time in ISS to help them find their voice in a positive light.

What was the name of the app/site for the paper design own video game on grid paper, scan on iPad, creates game in app/iPad? Floors. Find all links here http://coffeeforthebrain.com/speedgeekitec/

What was the devise called that you quoted from Sparkfun? 

Here are the parts needed. You can order more depending on how many options you wish to have.

Button Pad Breakout

Button Pad LED Breakout

Button Pad Top Bezel

Button Pad Bottom Bezel

MP3 Player Shield

LED lights for buttons(Choose your own colors. I would buy off eBay as they are cheaper)

I would like to know more about Zentangle and the chips as well.

Hallway exhibits showcasing staff

Loved using Kilikaklu on the first day to visit our school.
People were asking for PC options for screensharing. Here are suggestions shared.

Screen-o-matic (up to 15min)

Jing (up to 5min)
Love the LEGO idea – here is the search for all things LEGO on my site

Our teachers like having a choice of workshops/ instructional sessions during PD (similar to Tinker Time)

What a fun idea to video the hallways. Had Ss do similar w/Google Glass & our library. So great to see their point of view.

Here is my slidedeck I shared with staff when looking at our school

Love Student Voice–is it for curriculum projects or more for school climate/policy? Or both?

Great question! It can be both. Our current student voice group meets in the morning and during lunch. However, we are incorporating student voice into many projects in many classrooms through action, podcasts, websites, etc. Essentially, it can be both! See our #BettPassion project which was done in the classroom as well as our Student Voice work

Love the idea of Tinker Time as a way to get our minds thinking like kids again.

Teacher tinker time…. how did you get started with this & get resources? 

I just started with things I knew would be fun and cheap. Here are all my posts in regards to Teacher Tinker Time

I think the “graph paper” look of the sketch book helps promote creativity, drawing, & thinking

Stimulus notebook. Great idea. Get all ideas down, even if they seem bad at the time.
Yes, just start writing!


Those are the notes and answers to the questions everyone shared. If you have more please let me know. Reach out and ask away.

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