January 2015 Goals


I am trying some new things in 2015. I know this is time of year for resolutions and goals, but I am taking that mindset and moving to streamlining my life.

A big problem for me is biting off more than I can chew. I like to dabble in a lot of things at once. It is time to change that.

Each month I will be developing a few goals to accomplish. One the goals are accomplished, then I can dabble all I want until the next month where I will have a new set of goals.

This gives me the priorities to tackle without veering off the course.

I will be keeping track of all goals and progress on my 2015 page

The key this year is to hold myself accountable. Keeping stats, measuring my progress, and holding myself personally accountable.

I have some things I have been working on over winter break to get ready.

1. Post It 3 Goal Monthly Plan(see image above)

2. 2015 Page to take notes and tabs on progress using OneNote for more personal day to day experiments.

3. Experimenting with new hacks for both body and productivity(blog posts forthcoming as I experiment)

4. Logbook using Evernote 12 month book

I will be making videos and tutorials on all of these and posting soon, but for now I am declaring my January goals and taking the last few days of winter break to finalize all changes in my house and life to ensure the best opportunity for success.

What are doing this year to ensure success in your goals?

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