January Goals: Week 1 Update


Over in the sidebar I have my three goals for January posted. I realize now that perhaps they were not the best, but they are what they are and therefore I must reach these small milestones to reach my bigger goals for 2015.

This week I have been workout out more. I am signed up for three triathlons this summer and after two years off I am grinding back to fitness. I have a goal of dropping 5 lbs this month. This is a small number, but I I know from past failures that if I go too big I burn out.

Since January 1st, I dropped 2.4 lbs. It is 1% of my bodyweight. I tipped the scale at the heaviest I have ever been at 243.6 OUCH! So far, I have over 120 miles logged between running and bike. I have 8 days of workouts with days of rest and core workout. This brings me down to 241.0. This time last year I was working towards similar goals and weighed in at 237.4 Obviously, I did not reach desired results last year!

Eating has been the challenge. I eat good from morning until dinner. Then I go crazy and keep eating. Not bad food, but more than I need. I am slowly working on adapting, but too much change too quickly always backfires.

Sphero Workshop goal is moving forward. I have a session at a conference on the 19th where I will be testing out some new ideas to see where I should move accordingly for a full day workshop. I have drafted many new ideas in my notebook, but will be taking the next two weeks to build, design, and experiment to finalize plans.

Last, the 2014 lists are done. I have a few more to publish if I wish, but I have studied more data on my work this past year than ever before. It has really opened my eyes to develop a clearer purpose and clarity to what I share.

I have found my logbook idea working really well with keeping things in check. I am using some new online tools for my training that are working well. I have a list of some new things to try next week and will let you know how it goes.

Until next Sunday…..

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