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Hello everyone!

It has been quiet here on the Coffee For The Brain home front for quite some time now. I have been away hanging with my family, doing some new projects, reading, traveling, and more.

I am back. I am ready to get back into the flow of things and I am going to do so with a big announcement and idea.

I have been working on a book now for quite some time. Believe me, it has been a journey that has pushed me to brink of excitement and frustration more times than I care to count. However, I believe in the message and really think I have something that can resonate with many of you.

Instead of just publishing it outright I have decided to reach out to all of you in hopes that you will join me in a little experiment. I would like to release the book in small chunks over the course of the next few months. I need some readers to give me feedback, test out the ideas, experiment with the challenges, and help make the book better than the current draft.

I am hoping that this person is you!

All you have to do is sign up by filling out this form below

Join the Roadtrip to Success Book Group

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Once you fill out this form I will be in contact with you starting on August 1st. We will be providing all sorts of powerful content such as:

  1. Chapters to read for free by agreeing to provide feedback and complete the challenges
  2. Podcasts and videos of myself as well as you the readers sharing your stories
  3. Challenges and contests
  4. Help with artwork, resources, and journaling
  5. Creating a network of people ready to map their journey to success to help each one another accomplish our goals

If you are ready to preview and read Improvement Is No Longer The Challenge: Designing the Roadtrip to Success, the simply fill out the form above and starting August 1st you will receive the first segment and other surprises.

This book was written for my kids, but with educators in mind. I hope you will join me and I promise this is something that you will benefit from by participating. I cannot wait to start sharing with all of you.

As a bonus I will send out the intro when you sign up. This will give you something to chew on while you wait for August 1st to come around.

Are you ready to no longer be average and hit that milestone you have been wanting to reach for a long time? Then this is for you!

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