Leverage Technology to Enhance Student Learning


What makes Minecraft/MinecraftEdu so engaging to students? http://wp.me/p4covo-1pP

Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool? http://wp.me/p4covo-1pG

A Natural Course to Roll Out Minecraft to Students http://wp.me/p4covo-1rj


One example of using Skype to enhance student voice and learning http://wp.me/p4covo-1xC

What makes a person more than a number? Skype With Holocaust Survivor Using SP3 http://wp.me/p4covo-1op

Flattening Classroom Walls: Connecting with Cadiz, Spain using Skype http://wp.me/p4covo-1bW

Office Mix

YEOT: Fall 2015 Lab 1 – Building Structures Design Challenge http://wp.me/p4covo-1uL

Quotes To Ponder: An Experiment in Mix http://wp.me/p4covo-1rZ

Computational Thinking with Scratch http://wp.me/p4covo-1rq


Computational Thinking: My Summer Learning Reflection http://wp.me/p4covo-1rH

Culture of Learning

Don’t Build a Makerspace Until You Create a Culture of Learning http://wp.me/p4covo-1o7

10 Ideas I Learned from Satya Nadella Fireside Chat http://wp.me/p4covo-1nW

Further Resources to Explore

5 Paragraph Essays of Barf Have Been Replaced By http://wp.me/p4covo-Xi

Technology Cannot Mask Poor Teaching http://wp.me/p4covo-15c

Technology is NOT an Education Revolution http://wp.me/p4covo-1au

Technology Does Not Create Better Quality http://wp.me/p4covo-16T

The problem is not technology, the problem is us! http://wp.me/p4covo-J 

Using Technology in Junior High Math: Learning with cell phones and iPads and computers OH MY! http://wp.me/p4covo-4P 

Don’t Focus On Technology Because…. http://wp.me/p4covo-cc


Past Presentations

Makerspaces: It is about the CULTURE, not the TOOLS

Speedgeeking 3.0

Sphero Smackdown

Can technology change education?  http://www.slideshare.net/aarmau/can-technology-change-education-itec13


slideshare-49520201Project Examples from 2014 – 2015

I can place you in contact with the teachers of these projects if you want more information. Just let me know.

Field of Greens

A Few Bad Apples

Physics of the Future

Literacy Across the World

Child’s Play: A STEM Language Arts PBL Unit  – all documents and planning guides are available if needed

What makes a person more than a number? Skype With Holocaust Survivor

Mock Trial of the Civil War

(insert video here)

Taking Global Collaboration and Skype Beyond Mystery Skypes

Flattening Classroom Walls: Connecting with Cadiz, Spain using Skype 

Fear Factor

3D Print Ornament Challenge –  A design project open to anyone in the world

Young Engineers of Today Spring Lab 5: PVC Trebuchet Part 2

Young Engineers of Today Spring Lab 4: PVC Trebuchet

Young Engineers of Today: Spring Lab 3: Soldering 101 

Eagle Eye On The World – A global project focused on Liberty and Justice. Here is the blog that has links to past years of projects. This is coming back for the 2015-2016 school year.

Power of International Collaboration: Iowa to Africa

Flat Addy


Here is a Sway with more Project Ideas

Billboard Design Video

STEAM Fest Video

Student Created Video for Checkers for Courtyard Project

What’s Next?

Teacher Exhibition

Who Am I?

Taking Water Rockets to the Next Level(just a teaser)


Blog Posts on PBL

Project Based Learning: It’s More Than Projects! 

Don’t Build a Makerspace Until You Create a Culture of Learning

“Is it really the goal of schools to create college and career ready students?”

Group Work Is Hard

4 Questions for PLC’s or Groups of Educators 

Cubes of Compartmentalization 

How I Know Education Is Headed Down The Wrong Path

Because if we choose, then we are responsible, aren’t we? 

When developing a lesson plan or unit ask yourself 

What worked yesterday might not be right for today 

The Key To Teaching AND Keeping Your Teacher Sanity 

Technology is NOT an Education Revolution 

What are the shortcomings of project based learning?

Project Based Learning – Project Tuning Experience 



Books Worth Reading

Make Learning Personal by Barbara Bray & Kathleen McClaskey

Deeper Learning by Monica Martinez

Transforming Schools: Using PBL, Performance Assessment, And Common Core Standards 

Leaders of the Their Own Learning

The Teaching Brain 


Deeper Learning

We have a Google Plus Community where we are holding ongoing discussions. Feel free to join us!

4 Ideas for Engaging Students

Teaching Channel Videos on Deeper Learning

This article is not directly talking deeper learning, but it is exactly just that! http://www.newsweek.com/2014/09/19/maker-movement-reinvents-education-268739.html

Agents of Deeper Learning

Deeper Learning 2015 Conference Reflection 

31 Days of Deeper Learning & PBL Blog Series | 3: Standardized Testing

31 Days of Deeper Learning & PBL Blog Series | 2: What is DL and PBL? 

31 Days of Deeper Learning & PBL Blog Series | 1: Intro 

My Dead Fish Showcases The Need for Deeper Learning

Visible Learning: Agree to Disagree?

Even In Failure There Is A Gift

How Can Robert Palmer Help You Become A Better Educator? 

Forming Tribes in Education 

“And I Won’t Back Down” 

Proximity <=> Creativity and Collaboration 


Additional Resources

Link to a page with many resources. This needs to be reorganized again, but it will give you some ideas.

PBL Planning Template

PBL Project Preparation

PBL Project Tuning

PBL Project Protocols

CoffeechugPBL Wiki

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