Living On The Edge of Podcast Q&A: Share your ?’s

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I have a few more episodes left in Season 2 of Living on the Edge of Chaos podcast. This podcast has been a personal passion of mine. It is something that I wish I could develop more time to publish more episodes and is something I working towards going bigger for Season 3 in 2015.

As I wrap up some final recordings over the next month and clean those up for publication, I wanted to try out a new type of episode.

I wanted to create more interaction with the audience of those who listen as well as those who read this blog.

I am going to create a Q&A episode(s) where I will answer questions around education, productivity, technology, etc. based on what others want answers or my opinion(for whatever it is worth).

Below is a short form. If you have something for me to cover and address please fill out the very simple two question form.

Submit some questions. If you have not yet listened to a podcast make sure you check out the latest podcast which is really good.

I will grab my cup of coffee and share what I think! For better or worse.

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