Looking Back at 2017: Coffeechug Social Media Sharing

I really hesitated in piecing this together and then sharing online. I am in the same mindset as Krissy Venosdale when she tweets and posts her amazing posts on Instagram when she says, “You are so much more than a number”. She also has an amazing piece on Facebook going into more detail about the thoughts behind this quote in relation to how kids value themselves as a person.


I want to clarify that this was not put together for me to gain value based on likes, retweets, favorites, and views. I always look at the metrics each year to see how my journey of learning and sharing has grown. What I find fascinating is how my journey of learning continues to unfold.


When I started blogging many years ago it was to share book reviews of young adult books to inspire them to read. As I have changed roles in education and morphed into new learning opportunities and passions, my sharing of my learning has changed as well.


What I find fascinating every year is what people click and read the most  vs. what I believe are my most powerful pieces. Every single year I see such a stark contrast. The pieces that I believe are important for conversation and thinking rarely make the cut. Often times they are safe pieces that don’t rattle the cages too much.


Typically, I will only look at my blog, but this year I analyzed more. I had a goal this past year to really develop my YouTube presence in sharing DIY Maker activities and I achieved this goal. In many ways, it is becoming my main platform as I continue to want to inspire others to make, experiment, build, and code.


Check out the pieces below. This is what people enjoyed the most from 2017. I look forward to 2018 and seeing where my journey leads.

My goals for 2018
1. Write more clear and concise with more long form posts
2. My book will finally be ready for launch
3. Clean up video editing for better YouTube videos
4. Develop online classes for learning in the maker world
5. Promote and develop quality computer science curriculum.
Top 15 Posts of 2017
Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2017
  1. 5 ways to prevent students from sharing a Google Quiz? https://youtu.be/n9t9lvoqxv4
  2. Scratch 4 Arduino: 3 LED Lights https://youtu.be/kKCEea8DRbk
  3. Office Lens + OneNote = Productivity Success!! https://youtu.be/oDHnok7hmEs
  4. Fidget Spinner Tutorial Using Tinkercad! https://youtu.be/KLXQ0TJhqdw
  5. Bald Eagle Screech https://youtu.be/tz0Dq9tFCmo
  6. LEGO EV3: Move Steering Tutorial https://youtu.be/xwPA9JsY0cQ
  7. Raspberry Pi: GPIO Programming in Scratch https://youtu.be/A-ZgItztkMg
  8. Google Chrome Tip: Picture in Picture https://youtu.be/SVDpFyWv__g
  9. Google Sheets ImportRange Function https://youtu.be/QuOXkO40m8o
  10. LEGO EV3 Tutorial 3: Move Tank, Large Motor, Medium Motor https://youtu.be/xrAKWrsEwT0
Best 9 on Instagram
Top 15 Tweets
  1. Can’t get enough of @PlayCraftLearn and #codebuilder so much potential in learning @MeenooRami #microsoftedu #iste17 pic.twitter.com/d4gUsyuyt8
  2. The excitement for learning at #playfullearning is why I love teaching @LEGO_Education @FIRSTweets http://ln.is/www.instagram.com/p/YfCtF 
  3. What I experienced at FIRST World Championships http://coffeeforthebrain.com.ln.is/5bCCQ  @LEGO_Education #FIRSTChamp #FIRSTChampionship #iaedchat #stemed
  4. Google Chrome: Access Multiple Tabs from Other Devices http://ln.is/coffeeforthebrain.com/JW7Kz  #gttribe #gafe #gafechat #gafesummit #edtech #googledu
  5. Global Educators of Awesomeness Voxer Group http://wp.me/p4covo-1Px  #deeperlearning #mieexpert #pbsdigitalinnovator #iaedchat #pblchat
  6. Another dose of deep thought by @chrisemdin #iaedchat #deeperlearning pic.twitter.com/C2yG8K6wK2
  7. 4 Easy & Cheap Ways to Decorate 3D Prints http://wp.me/p4covo-20Y  #makered #makerspace #3Dprinting #stemed #iaedchat #fablab @tinkercad pic.twitter.com/flxwxs3VlU
  8. So excited to bring @SkypeClassroom to our #pbl course today with @iro_st Thank you for your time Iro! #mieexpert #sitc pic.twitter.com/2X8yH0d4uV
  9. Check out these awesome #LEGO Halloween builds & learn more about monthly build challenge https://www.212steamlabs.com/212-steam-blog/2017/10/31/lego-challenge-1-halloween-creations  @LEGO_Education #makered
  10. Fidget Spinners Aren’t The Problem http://wp.me/p4covo-1SC  #iaedchat #deeperlearning #fidgetspinner #mieexpert #nccechat #stemed #makered
  11. 055: Living On The Edge of Chaos – Living By Leading with Laurel Braaten http://wp.me/p4covo-200  @laurelbraaten #bettpride @zakmal #iaedchat #leadership #edchat #stuvoice @IowaSLI
  12. Smart Home AND Smart Classrooms http://wp.me/p4covo-1Oy  #iaedchat #pblchat #deeperlearning #pbsdigitalinnovator #edchat #smarthome
  13. LEGO EV3 Programming Tip: The Power of the Comment Block http://wp.me/p4covo-1VG  @firstlegoleague @LEGO_Education #Robotics @stemed
  14. Perhaps my favorite education quote ever! @pernilleripp https://twitter.com/farkasstem/status/913115040210997248 
  15. So excited to launch the beginning of a series of two day #makered workshops for educators. Tomorrow we begin and the site is ready https://sites.google.com/view/makeyourselfintoamaker  I welcome all feedback and look forward to adding more daily! #maker9 #stemed #iaedchat
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