Maker Workshop

How do we infuse the maker mindset and culture into all aspects of school?

Makerspace Workshop

Shauna Pollock, Creating Classroom Magic

This workshop is designed to help educators and anyone involved in the field of education understand what this makerspace movement is all about and how to find a way to make it work in the school setting. Through a variety of hands on learning activities, lively discussions, activities, and planning, participants will walk away with a sense of how to implement the ideas back at their school and classroom. Key ideas to be discussed will be learning spaces, PBL integration, how to manage the makerspace, easy activities to start, and how to blueprint change for your current space.



Pre Workshop Activity: What do you hope to gain from this workshop?

Ready Set Design Reflection Checkpoint: Head over to and on this Padlet add something new you have gained in learning, new thought, ideas you disagree with, questions you would like answered, etc.

Resource Guide for this Workshop

PBL and Makerspace Examples and Resources

Additional Resources to Explore

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