Makey Makey Quail Incubator Project: Need some help!

I have a Makey Makey

I have a laptop

I have an incubator full of quail eggs for a project with my elementary students.

My Goal: To create an interactive learning station while the eggs incubate.

I have diagrammed my plan, but need some help and guidance.

I want one cable to connect to a thermometer to to display internal temperate. I am not sure how to quite make this happen. The thermometer currently in use is not working so I am going to buy a new one and want to rig it with the Makey Makey so when pressed it will show the temperature.

I want the second cable to provide the bobwhite call of the quail when pressed.

I have no other thoughts for the rest of the cables, but am open to suggestions.

I need some feedback and guidance. I would like to make this happen this week so students in my building have a few weeks to test it out before they hatch and I move on to another interactive learning station.

So, fire away with some thoughts and ideas!

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