March Goals Reflection and April Goals




March 2015 Goal Reflection

It is hard to believe it is already April 6th(as of writing this post). After a flurry of days to kick off April, I have not taken time to reflect on my March goals and get focused for this month. Overall, I accomplished 3/7 goals for the month of March. 7 is simply too many goals.

Once again I think I bit off more than I can chew. I know that heading into April I need to narrow the focus and do a few things really good instead of spreading myself out so thin that just a few things are really done well.

Goal 1: 25 Day Teacher Challenge

I did not get this done. What I did instead was develop some new series that I feel are really important to me. These will be part of my April goals as they have picked up some good momentum and I have already established a plan to keep it moving forward. This goal was a failure, but hopefully will be something I can develop over time and launch later in the year.

Goal 2: 30 Days of Arduino Learning

This was not realistic. Trying to do goal 1 and this goal is simply too much. For the same reasons and goal one, this too was a failure. This one will happen in May.

Goal 3: Complete all workouts

Also a fail. I had two really good weeks and two really bad weeks. Amanda had terrible back pain which lead to poor sleeping for both of us and eventually surgery for her. Excuses they are, but life gave me reason to not workout. Time to get back on track.

I biked 165 miles. I was short about 100 miles from Feb.

I ran 30 miles. I doubled my miles from Feb.

I swam 3450 yards. All good as I did not swim until this month.

Not good for my race goals, but it is better than nothing.

This was a fail due to not doing all workouts, but not a complete fail as I was active and did get some workouts in this month.

Goal 4: Produce 4 YouTube Videos and have  a total of 38oo views for the month.

Success! I created four videos and had 4197 views. I have a framework for the videos so that I will continue to make this the same goal once again to keep the steady flow for content creation.

Goal 5: Produce 2 podcasts

Fail, but I recognized early that this was simply not a realistic goal. I am not upset with this as I know I had to downsize work load.

Goal 6: Produce 2 newsletters

Success! I had two newsletters. I will do the same this month, but will be doing a more narrow focus where I share one idea that educators can implement.

Goal 7: Read four books


Savage Park Reminds Me About Importance of Play 

Transforming Schools: Using PBL, Performance Assessment, And Common Core Standards

The Teaching Brain 

April 2015

Being that I am already six days into the month I have to have focus. I have made numerous notes on notepads and post it notes to narrow the focus and do a few things really well.

Goal 1: 237 –> Under 230

Instead of focusing solely on workouts I will be focusing on overall health of workouts, eating, sleep, and more. My goal is to have a weight under 230 by the end of April heading into triathlon race season. At this point I was hoping to be under 220, but no need to dwell on the past. So I will work towards being under 230 and then knock off a few more in May heading into my first race.

Goal 2: Develop four Surface Pro 3 Videos

I am documenting my journey using the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It has slowly taken over most of my devices. I already developed two in the series, but each week I will post one more episode of how I am using it to enhance my productivity and enhance my teaching and learning.

Goal 3: Develop four Deeper Learning and PBL blog posts.

I have launched 31 days of Deeper Learning series so I will work to launch one each week as well. Most of them are already in draft form so just taking the time to add research and make it high quality is my goal.

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