Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Episode 2 – Booting Up The Surface

In this post I wanted to show how easy and quick it is to get up and running with the Microsoft Surface. I documented the process from turning it on to having it ready to go. It took under 7 minutes and I was off and running learning all the amazing things this device can do.

I hope the video shows you the ease and the fact that anyone can boot the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 up quickly and easily.

If you have questions please let me know by reaching out to me here on the blog or social media.

Coming up in episode 3 I will be sharing out what I am learning about the pen which I will tell you I am loving. It is something I was not sold on being used to the iPad, but after one full day waiting in the hospital while my wife was having surgery I found myself loving the pen more and more and more.

While I get ready to push out that episode be sure to share anything you want to share or questions that you have.

Until the next step in learning keep pushing the comfort zones in your own learning.

If you missed episode one where I unbox the Surface be sure to check that out!



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