Mid Spring Break Idea Post

I shared these ideas this morning to our Play and Tinkering in the Classroom PD group on Google+ and thought I would post here as well. For more info on this amazing group of educators and students check out the Play tab here on the site.

I have tried to limit my “work” during break so this is the first post over break. I wanted to get the ball rolling and share out with everyone in case someone has a great idea and wants to help make these things happen. Let me know your thoughts

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I have been on Spring Break this week which is why things have been so quiet lately. I wanted to give everyone a heads up that I have been brainstorming plans for this group for topics to discuss and some little projects. Be ready for some new things coming soon.

A few things to consider
1. Book discussions – what would be some good books that we could read and host some Google Hangout Chats on? I was thinking David and Goliath by Gladwell to start.
2. Host GHO where someone new each time leads us through a play activity to challenge the panel and anyone watching to go along with. Think of something that we could do and share. Move from talk into action.
3. How cool would it be to host a Play and Tinkering Edcamp style conference where people suggest topics on either play, tinkering, design, or making?

I am off to unwind during the final days of my spring break. Back into full force soon.

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