Minecraft Education: Getting Started With Code Connection

As I work to help educators wrap their heads around all things code, gaming, computer science, and more I understand how overwhelming it can be.

I often feel overwhelmed myself trying to sift through it all to make sense of what to use and why I should use it.

One of my favorite platforms as of late has been MakeCode. I like MakeCode because I can use it for a variety of projects, goals, and lesson plans.

In this piece, I wanted to share two beginning tutorials explaining how to use MakeCode with Minecraft Education. Anytime I can use one platform across many others I am happy.

The first video will help you understand how to use Minecraft Education and Code Connection to get up and running.

The second video walks you through the first challenge to the Agent Trials Tutorial World to help you learn how to begin coding with MakeCode and Minecraft Education.

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