Speedgeeking with Coffeechug 4.1

This will be rapid fire session of technology tips, tricks and productivity tools that I use in my job to help make life easier for myself as an educator, parent, spouse, and productive human being. I will share out things I use in education as well as tools for my own sanity and survival of trying to keep things between the lines in this profession. These ideas will give you time to enjoy that cup of coffee and have fun at the same time! The key here is simplicity and productivity. Come learn about tools that you may not have considered before.


Making Yourself Into A Maker Keynote

Come ready to make things happen. In under one hour we will explore the elements that make makerspaces successful and inspiring for students. However, this alone is not enough. How do we take the culture of makerspaces and begin to shift these elements into all classrooms, hallways, and our schools as a whole? The goal of this talk is to get you thinking about the amazing work you are already doing, reshuffling the deck of awesome you have created to change our perspectives of learning and do more awesome! Be ready to rock and roll(literally). Be ready to merge the ideas of makerspace and classroom into a cohesive vision no matter what subject or grade level you teach.


Creating Equal Access to STEM Learning for all Students Keynote

STEM is everywhere. It is the phrase that everyone is claiming they are doing and every product claims is STEM. How do we really look at STEM and ensure that we are building and creating opportunities for educators and students to feel empowered by the possibilities of STEM? How do we weave in the A in STEAM? How does it look? How do we get started? Lots of questions that need some answers so let’s explore ideas to get started.


MAKE a Positive Difference in the Life of a Student Workshop

In this workshop you will be tasked with a series of creative challenges to create a positive ripple in the universe. The challenges are designed to achieve two goals. The first goal is to trust in yourself that you are indeed a maker and creative. Once we get the juices flowing we will head towards goal two for you to MAKE a gift to MAKE a positive impact in the lives of students. This workshop will allow you to learn new skills, trust in your abilities, and more importantly spread some good in the world and in the lives of students. Come ready to explore, make, and walk away feeling empowered. We will be living the slogan of “Making a positive difference in the life of each and every student daily,” through a hands on approach and exploration of experiencing that “Failure is not an option, but an opportunity.” More importantly, these are ideas that can be tweaked and hacked to be used in the classroom.


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