Music Jam Session While Working in Nerd Cave

I have been working in the Nerd Cave trying to declutter and organize. I need to get rid of some stuff that I have piled all over that I never use. The goal would be to build a little makerspace in the office but in order to do so things gotta go. I started pulling out CD’s(remember these?) from my collection and as I was listening I thought it would be fun to do another music review as I have not done one in a while.

Amos Lee: Amos Lee

This is one of the best albums in 2005 if not that decade. This is an album that you listen to from start to finish.

  1. Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight
  2. Seen It All Before
  3. Arms Of A Woman
  4. Give It Up
  5. Dreamin
  6. Soul Suckers
  7. Colors
  8. Bottom Of The Barrel
  9. Black River
  10. Love In The Lies
  11. All My Friends



Aerosmith: Pump

What a great intro song with Young Lust. One cannot but want to rock to this opener to a great album. I have not listened to this record in easily over 15 years. Right away I had to get up and shake it a bit with my three year old!

But….. then jam #2 came with FINE and I was swaying just like Steven Tyler.

And then one of the best songs of their career, “Love In An Elevator”. Enough said about this track.

4. Monkey On My Back is a album filler. Not bad, not great.

5. Janie’s Got a Gun – Not going to lie this was the song that hooked me on Aerosmith as a kid. I think it was the video, but it was my gateway song to a collection that rocks.

6. Dulcimer Stomp is just a build into….

7. The Other Side – another classic. Man, I forgot how many jams were on this song. I really dig the rhythm of this song. It just flows. It is a nice bridge between songs on the album, but it is more than a bridge. Once again, it is a song you cannot help but sing along with and wish you could play guitar like Joe.

8. My Girl is another fun romp, but nothing that will stand out.

9. Don’t Get Mad, Get Even – I love the drums and vibe of this song. I really like this jam.

10. Voodoo Medicine Man – Another great little jam that is just fun to turn the volume up and rock. Simple as that.

11. What It Takes – Holy cow! I did not recognize the title until it came on and I was instantly singing along like a trip down memory lane. A classic Aerosmith ballad that just grabs you and does not let go. You know you want to sing along or maybe grab your lighter if you remember those day!


Chris Duarte Group: Romp

I needed some good old blues and Christ Duarte is one that I enjoy. I have not listened to him in a long time. I actually have never listened to this album so it was nice to mix things up a bit. After listening to a blues band on Navy Pier this weekend I needed a blues fix and this album did the job.


What are some jams that you have been listening to this summer?

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One thought on “Music Jam Session While Working in Nerd Cave

  1. well I ride my bike to a lake as often as I can where friends of mine jam nearly nightly, on tuesday the playlist went like this i’ll omit the quotes and caps for brevity, red dirt road, tulsa time, little wing, papa was a rollin stone, the breeze, summertime, boot scoot boogie, crossroads, sweet home chicago, you send me, hey joe, the weight, shangri la, i’m sure I missed a few but fun times there, I can normally bang on or shake something and once in a while they let me sing bad moon risin